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Paternity test soar- and third of fathers fail

Northside People

Paternity test soar- and third of fathers fail (By Niall Bourke)

Statistics from Ireland’s leading DNA test provider suggest that one in three men who take a paternity test turn out not to be the biological parent.

The recently released figures from Dublin Company, Ormond Quay Paternity Services (OQPS), show that up to 35 per cent of all paternity tests carried out by the company over the last 18 months returned a negative result.

The company has reported a huge growth in the use of paternity services in Ireland with more and more fathers requesting scientific proof of parentage. 

Brian O’Dwyer of OQPS said on average they conduct six paternity tests each week and receive an average of five requests for information every day. 

“This is increasing steadily, our clients are taking the tests to provide peace of mind and in other cases as part of a court process,” said Mr. O’Dwyer. 

The price of a test starts at €350, but the cost depends on the number of people being tested or whether they require a court admissible results report. 

The results of the tests can be provided in just 36 hours and are accepted as evidence in Irish courts. 

According to OQPS there is a possible link between the culture binge-drinking and paternal discrepancy. 

Infidelity or a quick change of partner can also lead to genuine uncertainty as to the identity of the father. 

Furthermore OQPS reveal that 88 per cent of DNA tests are carried out between parties with different surnames, indicating that they may not be married. 

“All our testing laboratories operate to a court approved standard and the number of court appointed tests carried out by the company has almost doubled, compared with this time last year,” said Mr. O’Dwyer. 

“We also carry out tests as requested by general practitioners who require a fully accredited and reliable service.” 

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains a blueprint of our genetic make-up and comparing the sequence of one individual to another can determine whether they are related.

The testing process is simple. Cells are taken with an oral swab from the mother, father and child and then they are laboratory tested to see if they match. Children can be tested from birth.

OQPS provide DNA testing services for leading law firms, which deal with child custody, divorce and probate issues.