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One-third of men "are not real dad


"One-third of men "are not real dad" 

FIGURES revealed yesterday by Ireland’s leading DNA test provider show that up to 35pc of all paternity tests carried out by the company over the last 18 months returned a negative result. The results suggest that 1-in-3 fathers tested is not the biological parent. 

Ormond Quay Paternity Services (OQPS) has reported a hug growth in the use of paternity services in Ireland with more and more fathers requesting scientific proof of parentage. 

“On average we conduct six paternity tests each week and we receive an average five request for information every day through our website or by telephone and this is in increasing steadily,” said Brian O’Dwyer of OQPS. 

The price of a test starts a t €350, depending on the number of people being tested or whether they require a court admissible results report. The results of the DNA Test can be provided as quickly as 36 hours and are accepted as evidence in Irish courts. 

According to OQPS, there is a possible link between the culture of binge-drinking and paternal discrepancy. This can stem from infidelity or a change of partner, which leads to genuine mistaken identity. Furthermore, OQPS can reveal that 88pc of DNA tests carried out between parties are of different surnames, indicating that they may not be married. 

The company also claims its business has rocketed by 80pc over the last year in no short measure because of the “great Irish mammy syndrome”. 

Mr. O’Dwyer, operation director of the Dublin-based company, said potential grandmothers contact the company in their droves to find out how to disprove allegations their son had casual sex. 
“There are three types of people who generally contact with us – the mother, the alleged father and the alleged father’s mother,” he said. 

“It’s the great Irish mammy syndrome. I have had an astonishing number of calls from mothers who believe the girl is not telling the truth. They might say that he was only with her for two weeks. It can’t be his.” 
Once the prospective grandmothers find out about the DNA services they set about trying to persuade the son and his partner to take the test.