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DNA Sibling Test

Sibling tests can help to determine whether two people are full or half siblings. If two people have the same father and mother they are full siblings. If however two people share only one parent, be it either a mother or father they are half siblings. This type of test is usually performed when the parents of an individual are unable to provide a DNA samples. There are two different types of sibling test, a Full Sibling Test and a Half sibling Test.

Full Sibling Test

A full sibling test is used to determine if two people share the same mother and father. This test is usually performed when both parties know they have the same mother and wish to find out if they have the same father.

Half Sibling Test

The Half sibling test is usually performed when two people know that they do not have the same mother and are trying to determine if they have the same father.

Who is Required to be Tested

A sibling test requires that the two siblings are tested. If a common parent between the two siblings is available for testing it makes obtaining a result slightly easier, as the parents DNA can be discounted from the analysis.

If however a parent is unable to give a DNA sample for whatever reason, the sibling DNA test can still be conducted. However occasionally an extended study will be required if a result is not initially produced. An extended study requires extra analysis and carries an extra charge.

How is the Test Conducted?

The sibling test is conducted in the same manner as a regular mother, father, and child paternity test. Swabs are placed in the mouths of the various parties and samples of DNA are obtained. The parties giving their DNA must then sign a consent form giving their consent for their DNA to be tested.

Time Frame

Once the swabs have arrived in the laboratory for a sibling test, results are usually ready within eight working days, unless an extended study of the DNA samples is required which will delay the process by an additional four working days.

DNA sibling Test Pricing

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