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Who’s the daddy? The Sun

The Sun

"Who’s the daddy?"

DNA test show a THIRD are not child’s real father. 

(By Larissa Nolan) 

One in THREE mums who want to know “who’s the daddy” are finding out it is not the man they thought it was. 
New figures from a top DNA clinic show that nearly 35 per cent of fathers tested are NOT the biological parent – and they have been raising another man’s child. 

Drink-fuelled careless romps are often the cause of anxiety over who is the real father of a child, according to Ormond Quay Paternity Services. 


Clinic boss Brian O’Dwyer said: “Some women are not sure who the father is and it is very often related to an episode of binge-drinking”. 
“Ireland’s drink culture has an awful lot to do with it. Everyone knows too much alcohol and irresponsible sex are linked”. 
And negative results are often leaded to emotional scenes in the Dublin clinic. 

Mr. O’Dwyer said: “It really weighs on people’s minds and it can cause tremendous stress”. 
“I have seen people very happy at the news and others who were very, very unhappy”. 
And a strange pattern has emerged where the “bad guy” in the scenario tends to win. 
Mr. O’Dwyer said: “The nice people tend not to be the father, and the nasty one who may be saying they don’t care then turns out to be. This happens quite often”. 
The clinic chief said paternity results – carried out by comparing genetic make-up – have a small margin for error. The test is simple and involves taking an oral swab from the mum, dad and child and testing them to see if they match. The price starts at €350. 
Mr. O’Dwyer revealed: “They can completely rule out with 100 per cent certainty a man who is not the father.” 
“They can say with a probability of 99.999 per cent that a man is the father.” 
He added: “Most tests are carried out for legal cases or divorce hearings. But many are “peace of mind” tests taken when the mother has a suspicion about the true paternity of the child.” 
Celebrity culture has also made DNA Testing more popular. Mr. O’Dwyer added: “People see Boris Becker taking a test and it raises awareness of the fact that it can be done.