Relationship DNA Tests

In addition to providing paternity testing, if you require a DNA test to determine a family relationship we can assist you.

We provide the following relationship DNA Tests:

  • Full sibling/half sibling

  • Aunt/Uncleship

  • Y Chromosome

  • Grandparent

How are the Tests Conducted?

Relationship tests are conducted in the same manner as a paternity test. Swabs are placed in the mouths of the sample donors and their DNA is obtained. The parties giving their DNA must then sign a consent form giving their consent for their DNA to be tested.

Once the swabs have arrived in the laboratory for testing results are usually ready within eight working days, unless an extended study of the DNA samples is required which will delay the process.

Occasionally relationship DNA tests produce an in inconclusive result, this simply means that from the laboratory were unable to gain a conclusive result be it positive or negative. In these instances it is necessary to conduct further analysis at an extra charge. samples that have to conduct further analysis have a 95% chance of getting a conclusive result.

From conducting many relationship DNA tests over the years we understand that the situation can often be complex. If you wish to discuss relationship DNA tests please feel free to contact our office in confidence.


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