Legal Maternity DNA Test


Ormond Quay Paternity Services specialise in Legal DNA Testing and our test results resolve family law matters such as child support, child custody, divorce, inheritance and probate. We have conducted tests for the legal aid board, the HSE and the majority of family lawyers in Ireland.


At OQPS we handle all aspects of Legal DNA testing, we liaise with each party’s solicitors and organise DNA test appointments with our doctors for clients. Very often we organise separate collection appointments for the mother and child and the alleged father. We strive to handle this process in a timely and efficient manner.

We have a large network of partner collection clinics all over Ireland. We can organise a collection for you or your client within two working days no matter where you are in Ireland. We organise a considerable number of legal DNA tests for clients in worldwide and have organised tests in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Our legal maternity testing procedure follows a strict chain of custody which ensures that our test results are legally defensible in court. Strict chain of custody requires that the samples are collected by a doctor, photo identification is taken from all parties along with 2 recent passport photographs and DNA samples are securely packed for transit to the laboratory. When the samples arrive at the laboratory they are inspected thoroughly for tampering before DNA testing is conducted. DNA analysis takes 4 working day and results are produced and sent to all parties.

If you wish to place an order for a Legal DNA test please call our office or place an order online. Alternatively please complete our Legal DNA Test booking form at . Once we have received your order we organise all aspects of the DNA test on you or your client’s behalf. The following are the steps in organising a Legal DNA Test:

  • The DNA test is booked and paid for.
  • Schedule of DNA test appointment (s) for a suitable time and date.
  • Separate doctors appointments for the mother & child and the alleged father if required.
  • Once samples have been collected by the doctors they are sent directly to our laboratory by registered post.
  • Results are produced after 4 working days.
  • Results are issued by post to both parties and solicitors where required.

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